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Your profits may not match the high quality of your products - we can help!

Case Study: 600% Opt-in Boost & 76% Welcome Series Revenue Increase

Our recent email marketing improvements for a client proved to be incredibly successful, thanks to our split testing of their opt-in form on their website, followed by email creation and optimization. 
We tested a range of elements, including images, copy, styles, and offers, resulting in an amazing 600% increase in conversions.

Following the optin, we implemented a two-email follow-up campaign that generated over $6,500 in revenue in just a few months. The success of this campaign enabled us also to improve the welcome series email flow, which generated an impressive $11,400 in revenue in the same time period – a 76% increase from the previous period.

Case Study: Browse Abandon Fix: $1,241 in 30 Days

When we took over this account, our new client onboarding audit revealed that a flow had been set up incorrectly and wasn't triggering.
We fixed this on day 3 of working with the client, resulting in $1,241 in new revenue after just 30 days. This account was active for 15 months previously...that means they lost out on $18,615 from that one flow! 

We were happy to quickly fix it and now everything is running smoothly - converting customers 24/7 without issue!

Case Study: Starting Fresh With New Account - 4% to 27% in 3 months

Increasing your revenue and profit matters for any size business - large or small, it’s important. 

With this account, we took over and set up Klaviyo, integrated with the store, helped develop the style guidelines, matched the brand voice, and took care of all of the backend work to get great automations in place along with effective campaign (one-off) emails that customers loved.

The results? Going from 4% email marketing revenue to 27% in just 3 months!

Case Study: Black Friday & Cyber Monday - 3X monthly sales from email!

We all know that the holidays, and especially Black Friday, can be a huge boost - but how about 3X sales from email?

That’s what happened with this store - a tripling of sales from email with campaign emails crushing it during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday timeframe.

This is probably something you’d like for your own store, right?

Case Study: Cross Sell Flow -> Zero To $6k Per Month!

Staying in touch with customers after they purchase can be effective, right? But exactly how effective?

In this example, the Cross Sell flow is shown (along with the actual email used!) to generate $6k per month with a store doing $40k per month in revenue!

This is a great boost for any brand, and a great way to drive revenue while creating value and opportunities for your customers.

Case Study: Upsells - Implementation and Results 

We've all heard about upsells and order bumps, but have you implemented them effectively yet?

Adding these into your ecommerce store isn't just about gaining 3-5 percent increases (or more) in revenue...it also enhances the user experience. Win win!

Getting started with upsells and order bumps doesn't have to be complex, in fact the best results are usually simple.

Email Flows and A/B Tests 

 Click on the image to view high resolution flow 


This flow has been generating +$2k/mo. 

Testing design, testing who to send to - buyers vs non-buyers is important and necessary to really understand how the audience responds and what will bring you the best results.

Cross Sell Flow

This flow has been generating $4k/mo consistently for the past 4 months. We identified this gap in the client’s flows, built it, tested it and now the client is enjoying this extra revenue month to month. 

 Click on the image to view high resolution flow 

Some of our best performing email designs...

Still not convinced? 
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6-Figure launch experience

- Less than 2 weeks to $131k launch with list of less than 8,000
- Pre-launch content, sales funnel, and email series 

Ecom Email Marketing 

- Built online store email marketing system from zero to $50k per month revenue
- Increased client's Abandon Cart revenue per subscriber 463% in 30 days

Average Order Value Optimization

ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award Winner

Clients aren't the only place we get results - we've done it for ourselves with sales funnels that sold 7-figures...and that's just one business. We bring this real world experience to bear on your business.

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