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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

George Aston
Owner, eBike Tuner

Mark Riggs
Founder Fittrax Meals

"We've seen growth and results from working with Adam...increased overall sales from email marketing 12% to 15% which is huge for us!"

Justin Young
Chief Operating Officer at FireFold

"Adam and Oasis Optimization was hired with the end goal of growth as our email marketing revenue had plateaued. We wanted a fresh take and new creative ideas to represent our brand. Adam and his team delivered and we have since seen consistent and steady revenue and subscriber growth over the last 12 months. 

Communication is transparent and informative. The short videos he puts together are extremely helpful. 

I would totally recommend Adam and Oasis Optimization to any company looking for an honest and reputable marketing company to deliver desired results."

Tracy Northup
Owner - Deadly Decoys

"We have doubled our sales in the last year...We have used a number of different companies. All had a good sale pitch but only delivered my cash to their bank account. That is not the case with Oasis Optimization. Adam has delivered on everything he said he would..."

Judd Armstrong
& Jaybird

"If you need help with your sales funnel, automation, improving what you're doing, improving your processes and procedures and you want somebody who knows the tech side of things, somebody who has experience with sales, copy and marketing and design and improving all around - Adam is your guy, I definitely recommend Adam Moody & Oasis Optimization."

Carla & Mo
Skuish Cookies Founders

"I've been working with Adam Moody for marketing strategy, websites, funnel systems, and webinars, and Adam is phenomenal.

I highly recommend Adam.

David Wood
Entrepreneur Coaching at Focus.CEO

"Adam helped me with landing page design - his split test beat the pants off of mine! You should try him out too."

Kate Bonilla
Founder Great US Beef Jerky

"Adam knew exactly what I wanted and he knew how to do it way faster and better than I ever could. Days later the results were fantastic, everything from the copy, the email sequences, to the functionality of it all...saved me a HUGE amount of time and I'm already seeing success in my funnel which is going to make me more money."

Noel Andrews

"Adam always keeps his promises and delivers on time...I recommend you work with Adam!

466% increase in revenue per abandon cart subscriber achieved in <30 days."

Bryan Bowman
Ecommerce Superstar

"Adam gives selflessly, truly passionate about what he's doing. Big thank you, Adam! You've now become my go-to guy whether it's funnels, process, optimization, SEO, whatever!"

Dr. Michelle Mathiesen
Innate Mom Brand

"Adam and I had been working on some Amazon listing optimization strategies and he (Adam) walked me through something I had never heard of. I live in this world of Amazon and SEO and ecommerce...we talked it through and it just clicked. 2 days later, without asking for it, he sent me a live video of him detailing the process!"

Yaroslav Lysak
Ecommerce Store Owner

"I definitely recommend working with Adam, he's a brilliant person in terms of automation and efficiency in general and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again."

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