Meet Our Team 

Adam Moody

Ecommerce Email Marketing & Funnels | Founder

Adam Moody's love for all things communication got a start in ecommerce helping build a store from $0 to $80k+ per month.

Building that team enabled success with clients with results like 463% increase in an abandon cart flow, 3X sales through email marketing during Black Friday, and a Cross Sell flow that generates 15% of a store's revenue!

Adam also creates & implements full sales funnels and has generated 7+ figures from one sales funnel.

While Adam started out in the Marine Corps followed by degrees in physics in order to become an optical engineer he found his calling in the intersection of analytical and design work: creating, building, and optimizing sales funnels profitably.

Jeney Wierman

Design Lead & Scientist | Partner

Jeney Wierman is a graduate and 10K Club Member of Kathryn Jones' CF Design School, where she mastered design hacking, turning traffic into sales, and building a movement from your community. She can design to fit your brand, or work with you to create something unique and new. No funnel is too ugly for a design touch up.

Jeney's career as a biophysicist has trained her to use a scientific approach to design, where research, method and results are the best tools for optimizing sales funnels profitably.

    Alexandra Semidey

    Marketing Strategy & Implementation | Junior Partner

    Alexandra Semidey is the team’s strategist and will work with your brand to create marketing calendars that surpass your goals, ensuring everything fits your business and is executed properly.

    After majoring in Advertising in Venezuela, 2011, Alex dove into the digital world which sparked an interest in Project Management, Email Marketing, and Marketing Strategy to maximize client's results and boost conversions.
    Alex is at Oasis Optimization learning from her mentor Adam, widening her skillset every day, bringing new ideas from concept to implementation, and managing a growing distributed remote team.

      Chris Majeski

      Chief Editor 

      Chris Majeski is a veteran direct response copywriter, who's worked with some industry greats, including Jay Abraham.

      Chris now specializes in eCommerce email marketing, as well as direct response email copywriting in the financial sector.

      He likes long walks on the beaches, and a fine Merlot.

        Daniela Naydenova

        Project Manager/ UX-UI Designer 

        Daniela ensures that the written and visual content aligns with the brand's core values, transfers engaging messages and that your clients will get the best experience while reading your emails.

        Daniela passed a UX/UI Design Program with Telerik Academy and graduated as Digital Marketer from International Business School.

        She has vast experience as an offline and online marketer, launching new products, start-ups, and account management. 

          Shiela Mae Torrecarion

          Email Designer & Scheduler 

          Kevin Tambasco 

          Virtual Assistant 

          Our Why

          Like us, you've probably put everything you have into your business and yet still feel like you're not quite hitting the nail on the head when it comes to communicating with customers - providing value profitably.

          We can help you create the email marketing that not only highlights your brand and voice but generates real revenue increases.

          "We've seen growth and results from working with Adam...increased overall sales from email marketing 12% to 15% which is huge for us!"

          -Mark Rigs, Fitrax Meals

          "466% increase in revenue per abandon cart subscriber achieved in <30 days."

          -Noel Andrews, CEO

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